Great Falls woman facing 5 felonies after allegedly exposing children to opioids

Skylar Rispens Great Falls Tribune Dec 29, 2020

A Great Falls woman is facing five felony counts of criminal endangerment after allegedly exposing her children to opioids at her residence.

In late October, officers and detectives with the Great Falls Police Department were investigating a possible drug and child endangerment case involving Schylar Raeanne Miller. The initial investigation into Miller originally stemmed from a possible child abuse case according to charging documents.  

Schylar Raeanne Miller

Because of possible drug use in the home, hair samples were collected from Miller and her children. All the samples tested positive for heroin but indicated that the children had been exposed in varying amounts. The youngest child yielded the highest concentration found among the siblings, according to charging documents. Miller’s sample tested positive for heroin as well. 

Miller has five children between ages 3 and 14.

The youngest child was administered an oral swab test which tested positive for the presence of opiates, according to charging documents. 

Miller allegedly told officers that she smoked heroin in the home while her children were present. 

“All of the children were placed at substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury by secondary exposure to heroin by Miller’s use in the house. Heroin exposure can result in death or long term cognitive and health issues,” state charging documents associated with the case. 

An employee with the Montana Department of Health and Human Services had previously responded to Miller’s residence to check on the children. Charging documents indicate that the Russell Country Drug Task Force had also been investigating Miller for alleged distribution of dangerous drugs. 

Miller has no significant prior criminal history and the state is requesting she be released on her own recognizance. (Click to Source)

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