When the system comes apart, people will be in shock


I saw this online and thought it worth sharing.   

When the system comes apart, the least thing that people will worry about though – is other people’s shock.

SHOCK #1: When the system comes apart, people will be shocked.  They won’t understand what’s happening or why everything is not working.  Why the banks are shut.  Why the credit/debit cards won’t work.   Why stores are EMPTY of food.

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They won’t understand why the phones, internet and TV are all off.  They won’t understand why no one is coming to help; and no one will be coming . . . ever.

Wait until the famine.. the disease, the lack of medicine starts… Shock #2.

How to prepare…. say this to God:

– God… You know what is coming. Please prepare my heart, so that I’m ready when it does.

– God.. if I’m not Your child… then please change my heart so that I am one.

– God.. show me Your Essence. I want to know You in a personal way…. not just from my head… but from my heart as well.

– This is to the Most High God… Like this: Any prayers I pray now – are addressed to the Most High God.

– Ask sincerely / humbly… like you are the creation, and He is the Eternal Creator…. (not the other way around)… (Click to Source)

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