Demons Have A Score To Settle

BY C. J. REFSLAND on JULY 5, 2021

Before we can delve into the revenge of the demonic we have to start with the church, and when I say church I’m referring to all denominations, have done a great disservice to God.
Whaaat? Let me explain before you clutch your pearls and faint.
Christ’s church was never meant to be divided the way it is today. We have forgotten the simple Gospel. “We are one body many parts” doesn’t mean we are to divide up in beliefs.
One denomination says oh that teaching is too harsh, we’ll teach it this way, or that denomination worships idols or that denomination is too strict, or that denomination is too weak they don’t believe in hell only prosperity. Prophecy is lost in these differences of opinion. That’s right its opinion not sound doctrine.
You get the picture. This division has caused important doctrines and teachings to fall by the wayside like the bad seed in Christ’s parable.
Demons are real. They’re not only real They’re a clear and present danger. And they are full speed ahead seeking revenge as their time is short.
Revelation 12:12
“Therefore, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”
Get that? We’re witnessing Satan’s wrath today. The visions of vile debauchery playing out on our streets,and even schools with parades of sin, and the murder of innocents promoted by our government and world, we are now forced to pay for this slaughter and will soon pay for the mutilation of God’s creation in our military. Transgenderism is Satan’s proudest accomplishment besides the fact he convinced the world he doesn’t exist.
Christians have allowed the world to paint a comical picture of Satan and his demons watering down even Christ’s warnings of hell. In His ministry He cast out thousands of demons. He Himself was accused of performing miracles using beelzebab. Demons are still present today in even larger numbers and yet Christ’s church is silent on this teaching.
You would have to go back to the beginning to see where they came from and just how strong they are. And you really need to at least have a working knowledge of the demonic. As Christ said the end would be as in the days of Noah.
The scriptures in Genesis 6 begin the journey of the watchers and the “fallen angels.” The Bible even speaks of those entities seducing women and taking them for brides. Their offspring were known as giants, (Nephilim) men of renowned. But does it tell how evil these really were and are? Does it tell us how they (fallen angels) taught sorcery, astronomy and even moon worship? No for some reason the book of Enoch is not mentioned. Nor did they mention that this push from Satan to corrupt man’s God given DNA (Through MrNA injections,gene altering Chimera’s & stem cells treatment from fetal remains) has been happening for thousands of years. And this also continues today.  This is where the modern day church fails. The Apostles all warned of the principalities of the air and spiritual battles. But today it’s on the back burner.
I can’t even begin to relate to you the information gathered by those studied men and women over the last 2 to 3 decades. Or even scratch the surface of evil embraced in this country, evil like child sacrifice, Satanists believe abortion is their right of sacrifice, child rape and abuse, even cannibalism.
In my life I have witnessed this demonic realm first hand not only in visions but in reality. I watched a minister bless a house with a demonic presence and saw the retreat of the demonic. I’m telling you it’s very real.
The disembodied spirits of the Nephilim are legion in numbers and the Apostles and Revelation warns us against following them. God destroyed their physical bodies as they were part human but their spirits remain and they are angry and out for revenge.  Following after them will not bring the mark of God only the mark of Satan.
If your putting a timeline or chronological constraint on God’s warnings you put yourself at risk. In other words if your sitting, waiting for one specific sign before another to recognize the lateness of the hour, your at risk for following the lies of the beast.
I can’t direct you to one single source but there are many who are well studied in this. In the past God wouldn’t allow me to delve into this realm headlong as some did. But for me it was “Don’t touch the unclean thing.” Strengthen your faith because this demonic realm is here in full force. Armor up and research it for yourself, you’ll be shocked at how many are actually worshiping Satan. Ask God to show you.  They are great in number and not hiding any longer. I did a short search on the names of the fallen and was shocked at how the internet is full I mean full of those worshiping these evil spirits. Buckle up its being revealed. The realm between heaven and earth will open wide someday soon as John says the heavens will recede like a scroll and the battle will be on, when God’s kingdom takes over earth. There’s a reason Christ taught us to pray ” they Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
I’m not a teacher, a prophet or a minister or theologian, but I am a watchman, I will warn when things are out of control and Christ’s return is imminent. I’m continuing to pray that God ensnare this evil in our government and land in their own deceitful trap, so that more eyes will be opened, but I pray also for God to protect His people.
Are you ready? Time is so short.

If you research, of course the Bible is your starting place but know that you will navigate through tons of opinions and arguments against Biblical truths. Ask God’s Holy Spirit’s guidance you’ll be surprised what He shows you.
The watchmen and women are running out of time not only has God’s timeline sped up but there’s is a push to silence God’s truth. You need to search and pray and take a leap of faith to fully understand the evil at work right now in our world. And then you will see the oligarchy in step with evil and Satan’s revenge on humanity and God’s creations. You will see the things manifesting today are indeed demonic revenge. God’s judgement is here in real time. And His patience is growing thin just as in the days of Noah.
Once you understand the entities spoken of in prophecy and the roles they play,  you’ll see how short time really is.

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