Bible Prophecy – the War On Christians – Antifa Throws Flash Bombs At Groups With Children At Prayer Rally, And The Media Attacks Christian Pastor Leading Prayer Event To Protect Antifa’s Continued Violence

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine August 8, 2021

Videos and eyewitness accounts are still coming out about a prayer event held in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday August 7, 2021, which was attacked by Antifa, and once again the media attempts to frame the story in a manner that doesn’t truly hold Antifa to account at all, as well as skipping the backstory of  years of Antifa violence and anarchy in Portland.

Russia Today manages to do what the American media can’t, and that is accurately report events and eyewitness accounts of attendees, while the Insider, via Yahoo News, attempts to lay cover for Antifa by attacking the “event,” the Pastor of the prayer rally, and the fact that Proud Boys were there to provide security for the prayer event attendees.

First we will deal with the events, with video and eyewitness accounts, and then we will highlight the American media spin on the same event.

From Russia Today, with actual quotes from attendees, we see in the very first paragraph that the event was peaceful, right up until Antifa showed up and started “hurling projectiles,” and “destroying equipment.”

This is partly shown in the video below, where an angry black-clad mob, moves in on a group listening to a sermon, and by the end of the one minute, forty second video, they have knocked over equipment, and sprayed what appears to be mace at those near the platform and equipment.

At around the one minute mark in the video above, you can hear a woman’s voice yelling, “we have children.”

According to the eyewitnesses, Antifa also threw “flash bombs” into groups of people, which includes children, some as young as four months old.

Footage taken at the event shows black-clad Antifa members throwing projectiles at the event’s attendees, as some of the masked activists shouted “No hate speech.”

“They threw a bomb already. We’ve got kids here,” the narrator of the video says. 

The activists eventually march up to the stage. One Antifa member takes the microphone, announcing: “All cops are bastards. In the name of Jesus, Amen.” The group of left-wingers then kick and destroy the sound equipment. One black-clad individual can be seen carrying a speaker to the nearby Willamette River, apparently so that they could toss it into the water. 

A woman who attended the event later said on camera that the activists had thrown a “flash bomb into a group of kids,” some as young as four months old. 

“We were about to have a worship event and Antifa just rolled in like an angry mob and started throwing flash bombs at everybody, macing everybody,” she said. 

It is also noteworthy that there were no arrest made, despite the use of mace/pepper spray in groups that included children, and that the event was peaceful until the Antifa mob showed up and started attacking the attendees.

Footage appears to show members of the right-wing group sporting paintball guns near the event’s location, but it doesn’t appear that they were present when Antifa attacked the gathering. Another video, purportedly taken on the same day, shows the group skirmishing with Antifa in downtown Portland. A police officer can be seen observing the mini-battle, but doesn’t intervene. 

More Twitter videos taken of the attacks are shown at RT.


The first article I saw about this in the American MSM was at Yahoo, via Insider, which shows clearly their spin on this attack in their headline, stating “Proud Boys and Antifa exchanged paintball gunfire and pepper spray at rally by controversial pastor in downtown Portland.”

To start with, we’ll show why this Canadian Pastor, Artur Pawlowski, is being called “controversial” by the media, while freedom proponents supported him months ago after a video went viral of him fighting back against the tyrannical COVID restrictions.

Long story short, COVID police invaded his church, on Easter weekend, because he refused to stop providing sermons, to which he screamed at them for being Nazi’s, along with some other very blunt comments, up until he chased them out.

Seen below:

Pawlowski was arrested at a later date for his refusal to cave to COVID tyranny, detailed by BizPac Review (With video).

Video posted online during the arrest showed Pawlowski on his knees in the middle of a rain-soaked highway with vehicles passing by as officers handcuffed him and dragged him to a waiting patrol vehicle after he refused to stand up.

So, we are caught up on the “controversial” Pastor that led the prayer rally in Portland on Saturday.

Here is how American Media reports describes him:

Pawlowski is a controversial Canadian pastor known for his street sermons. He has previously claimed that floods in Canada were caused by God’s unhappiness about homosexuality and has called police who enforce COVID-19 safety rules “Nazis.”

I particularly find it interesting that while millions upon millions of Americans see tyranny in lockdowns, forced mandates and the states determination of what is and is not essential, church services being dubbed non-essential, the Insider calls the ‘safety rules.”

While the Insider focuses quite a bit on the Proud Boys providing security for the prayer group attendees once they showed up, they neglect to report on how Antifa groups sent out messages to show they would be showing up to harass the event attendees.

Later, the same account mocked how the equipment being used at the prayer event “malfunction,” “in the river.”

They made no bones about the fact they were going to show up to cause trouble, which is the reason the prayer group needed protection to begin with, and after the events shown in the first videos above, Proud Boys did show up and took Antifa on to protect the prayer groups.

Proud Boys did come prepared, with paintball guns, batons and other non-lethal weapons, as Antifa has been long known to show up armed, mace, bricks, concrete milkshakes, bats with nails inserted, ect……

Proud Boys wearing their signature black and yellow colors and PB insignia then marched to their announced gathering point in response, armed with paintball guns, batons, and other weapons, The Portland Tribune said.

Proud Boys get a bad wrap from the American media for being “radical,” calling them “white supremacists, but we do not see the police, or any other groups showing up to face off against Antifa when they attack peaceful gatherings.

Despite their faults, they are doing what no one else is willing to do and protect the innocent and the right of Christians to gather and pray. 

Portland Tribune also spins the story by describing the prayer event attendees as being on the “right-wing side.”

Dozens of black-clad counter-protesters pushed into the right-wing band, hurling smoke grenades and appearing to dismantle part of the public address system, spurring Portland Police Bureau squad cars onto the grass under the mid-day sun. The right-wing group marched to their announced gathering point in response.

“Antifa had threatened to beat people up and do what they do — and then they showed up and did it,” an attendee from the right-wing side said. “The police were not even far from there and they were laughing in their vehicles and doing their thing. It’s probably hard to care as an officer in a place where they take away all your funding.”

It is very telling that in the American media, it is assumed that anyone showing up to attend a Christian prayer event, or rally, or even free speech rallies are automatically considered “right-wing.”

Says a lot about the American MSM and members of the left.

Another very interesting thing is when doing online searches using both the Bing and Google search engines, the two pieces we cited and linked to, both attempting to equate Proud Boys coming to to help protect the prayer rally with Antifa which came to attack the prayer event, were the only leftist media reporting on this in the last 24 hours.

Other search findings are all conservative Independent Media.

The only large national media outlet that covered this, was Fox News.

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Once again we see a number of things from this attack in Portland.

• The police do nothing to intervene, so no arrests were made.

• It is assumed if you attend a prayer rally you must be right-wing.”

• The American media that does report, attempts to equate Proud Boys showing up to protect the prayer group with Antifa showing up with the stated intention of causing trouble and violence.

• The national American media avoids reporting on it at all, or downplays it to the point of their stories not even being shown on the first pages of two top search engines, Bing and Google, which to note, always list top national news outlets on the first pages.

• The media treats a pastor that refused to allowing the COVID police to shut down his church, as “controversial,” because he was hailed an “absolute legend” for chasing the police out of his church and calling them Nazi’s.

Just imagine the news cycles if it was a right wing group that constantly showed up to violently attack a peaceful left wing rally or event (If such a thing exist anymore.)

Once again it is up to the Independent Media to document the continued Antifa violence against Christians.

More videos of the chaos, and Antifa violence in Portland on Saturday.

The next video is a longer version of one shown within the article where you could see the pink gaseous smoke being set off by Antifa towards the second half. (Click to Source)

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