Prophetic Storm: Jerusalem Declaration

Now the Lord had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, From your family And from your father’s house, To a land that I will show you. I will make you a great nation; I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:1-3 New King James Version)

Yesterday President Biden and Prime Minister Lapid, both of whom support dividing Israel, signed “the Jerusalem U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration” (a.k.a., the Jerusalem Declaration), which was presented to the world as a joint commitment to mutual security and a unified front against Iran’s nuclear pursuits. However, couched in the middle of all the verbosity regarding confronting Iran and Hamas, the document states:

President Biden reaffirms his longstanding and consistent support of a two-state solution and for advancing toward a reality in which Israelis and Palestinians alike can enjoy equal measures of security, freedom and prosperity. The United States stands ready to work with Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and regional stakeholders toward that goal. [SOURCE]

Given that the two-state solution had not been officially supported by either the U.S. or Israeli governments in the years since Obama’s presidency, this is a shift, albeit a subtle one. The Trump Administration did present the Deal of the Century to no effect back in January of 2020, however, it did not explicitly reference the two-state solution, nor did it endorse a fully independent state. To the contrary, it proposed giving Israel recognition over settlements immediately and the creation of an amorphous confederation with a demilitarized and pseudo-independent Palestine at some future point. In other words, while the Trump team was working toward a two-state solution, it was careful and choosy with its words, refraining from any unambiguous endorsement of a Palestinian State on a particular area of land—the pre-1967 borders were never committed to.

But Biden, having just formally endorsed the two-state solution in Israel, then traveled to the Palestinian territories—the first U.S. president to ever travel to East Jerusalem (aside from the Old City)—and explicitly committed the United States to the 1967 lines:

Two states along 1967 lines with mutually agreed land swaps remains the best way to achieve equal measures of security, prosperity, freedom and democracy for the Palestinians as well as Israelis.

Biden is cursing himself and the United States. No wonder an earthquake struck Israel within hours of his arrival [source]. Remember, a 7.7-magnitude quake struck Mar-a-Lago within about one hour of Trump and Netanyahu unveiling the Deal of the Century back in 2020. And within two months the world was plunged into the COVID-19 pandemic. From the signing of the Abraham Accords on September 15, 2020 (just a few short days before Rosh Hashanah) to Biden’s arrival in Israel this Wednesday was 666 days exactly. God is well aware of these rebellious and defiant acts against His covenant. They only occur within His sovereign will.

The administration of progressive Lapid, which will last until December of this year or perhaps even January of 2023, has been well-timed for Biden’s Middle East tour in which he is seeking to reestablish the two-state solution as a necessity and to possibly strengthen the Abraham Accords with membership from Saudi Arabia. As a matter of fact, Biden landed in Saudi Arabia today and we may get further news on that front as the day continues.

It’s all coming to a head—the prophetic storm. Trying to wrap my head around all that’s now happening has become something of a fool’s errand, but this Twitter thread I posted a few days ago was an honest attempt:

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In addition to these things, we’re also witnessing resignations, revolts, and major power shifts in Estonia, Israel, Bulgaria, England, Italy, and Argentina, massive locust swarms are devouring much-needed crops in Russia and Sardinia, and China’s housing market is about to collapse as millions are refusing to (i.e., can’t) pay their mortgages.

Despite the greatest prophetic convergence the world has ever seen, the baby remains in the birth canal. And what of the fig tree? As Jeff and I discussed in our recent video series, the connection between Israel and the fig tree is an established biblical fact. Subjective and exciting speculation arise in trying to determine and decipher just how long this final generation might persist. And when does the fig tree put forth leaves? A thought crossed my mind the other day concerning this very thing:

Jesus references the putting forth of its leaves. How long is it between a planting and the actual leaves coming out?

If planted from a seed it can take anywhere from two weeks to three months for a fig tree to germinate, sprout, and grow its first leaves. If, instead, we’re talking about a dormant tree (i.e., a grown tree that lost its leaves in the Fall/Winter timeframe), then it can take a few months. 

So if May 14, 1948 was the replanting (either as a seed or the restoration of the proverbial withered tree that Jesus cursed), then we could be looking at a timeframe more like 2–12 weeks after June 20, 2022. In other words, July to September.

Here’s how this speculative calculation works: if Psalm 90:10 defines a generation and holds prophetic connotation for the fig tree, then from the proverbial putting forth of Israel’s leaves to the time of Christ’s return (Mt. 24:29–34) must not extend to 81 years. Counting from May 14, 1948 suggested Jesus might return in or before May of 2029. The length of the Tribulation, being just short of seven years, would make roughly June 20, 2022 the cutoff point for the rapture and the initiation of Daniel’s 70th Week. However, if the putting forth of leaves is distinct from the replanting in May of 1948 then the calculation is altered by the difference between these two. In other words, Israel’s rebirth (R) + time to put forth leaves (L) + the max generation of 81 years – one day (G) = a theoretical maximum timeframe unto Christ’s second advent.

I’m suggesting here that the variable L might be the literal length of time it takes for an actual fig tree to put forth leaves, either when starting from a seed or after losing its leaves seasonally. This has the added benefit of placing Christ’s return 2,000 years after the single most cited year for His baptism, anointing, and the initiation of His ministry (29 AD).

There have been three other dates cited in an attempt to solve for L:

1. The end of the Israeli War of Independence, variably defined as either March 10, 1949 or July 20, 1949. The end of the war signaled that the fig tree was here to stay.

2. The end of Israel’s initial provisional government and the establishment of a permanent government—also March 10, 1949.

3. Israel’s conquest of East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967.

The third option seems the least likely in my view. First of all, it’s far distant from the replanting in 1948. Secondarily, Israel is the fig tree and the Jews are what God considers the good figs (Jer. 24). The prophecy is not specific to the city of Jerusalem.

Options #1 and #2 are a defensible secondary possibility that I’ll keep my eyes on. For starters, the fact that the end of the war and the initiation of the permanent government both fell on the same day is important. On March 10, 1949 Israeli troops took control of the Southern Negev, raising a flag by the Red Sea in what would later become the city of Eilat. This signaled the actual end of hostilities and is considered the official end of the war even though several ceasefire agreements would come later.

The raising of the “Ink Flag” by the Red Sea on March 10, 1949

That same day the transitional government was replaced by the first permanent government headed by David Ben-Gurion.

Intriguingly, from Israel’s first full day as a nation (May 15, 1948) to the end of the war was 9 months and 23 days, alternatively defined as 9 months, 2 days, and 3 weeks—an interesting bookend in alignment with the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017. This period of time can otherwise be counted as exactly 300 days or 7,200 hours. Counting inclusively from May 14, 1948 to March 10, 1949 is exactly 43 weeks, which is a length of time that falls right within the the typical range of most pregnancies (37 to 44 weeks).

This calculation might point to the second advent occurring on or before March 9, 2030. More likely in the Fall of 2029. We shall see.

Today our ministry turns 12 years old. It began on July 15th of 2010. Every prophetic convergence we’ve witnessed these past 12 years pales in comparison to this one, yet we are still here because God is graciously patient, not wanting any to perish (2 Pt. 3:8–9). But many refuse to be saved. Through Jesus Christ God offers total forgiveness, sonship, eternal life, and treasures far beyond all that this world has to offer. Don’t forfeit all of this for a bowl of stew as Esau did. Don’t cling to pride and unbelief when God offers you everything—even His very self. Believe.


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