Think About What This Means – An Adviser To The FDA Issues Blunt Warning To America: ‘Congress Is Owned By Big Pharma’

‘Those who corrupted Veterans health care & profit from our endless wars are one and the same’

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

March 14, 2019


In an extraordinarily blunt and surprisingly refreshing warning recently given by a medical adviser to the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Raeford Brown recently stated in an interview that nothing will be done to ‘Big Pharma‘ for their role as the lead drug pushers in America’s deadly opioid crisis because “Congress is owned by pharma“.

While more than 70,000 Americans died due to opioid overdoses in 2017 alone and President Trump once endorsed the death penalty for ‘drug pushers‘, why isn’t ‘big pharma‘ being held responsible for their obvious role in the spread of deadly drugs all across the country? As Dr. Brown told Yahoo Finance in his interview, “the pharmaceutical industry pours millions of dollars into the legislative branch every single year. In 2016, they put $100 million into the elections. That’s a ton of money.”

And as we see in the graphic below taken from that Yahoo story, Democrat politicians and Republicans alike benefit from donations from ‘Big Pharma‘. And while there is no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry has brought life-saving medicines to the world, as even far-left Salon surprisingly reported back in August of 2016, ‘big pharma‘ was helping to ensure that United States Veterans were losing the war at home while making America ‘pain-free‘ for ‘plutocrats‘. From their story.:

Those who corrupted veterans’ health care & those who profit from this country’s endless wars are one and the same.”

Near the end of his invaluable book cataloguing the long, slow disaster of “America’s War for the Greater Middle East,” historian Andrew Bacevich writes:

“Some individuals and institutions actually benefit from an armed conflict that drags on and on. Those benefits are immediate and tangible. They come in the form of profits, jobs, and campaign contributions. For the military-industrial complex and its beneficiaries, perpetual war is not necessarily bad news.”

Bacevich is certainly right about war profiteers, but I believe we haven’t yet fully wrapped our minds around what that truly means. This is what we have yet to take in: today, the United States is the most unequal country in the developed world, and the wealth of the plutocrats on top is now so great that, when they invest it in politics, it’s likely that no elected government can stop them or the lucrative wars and “free markets” they exploit.”

So we’ll take a look below at some options to ‘big pharma’s poisons‘ that are readily available for all to use that come to us from nature. And while we are not doctors nor are we providing medical advice within this story but sharing stories of what has worked for us or others, in a very real TEOTWAWKI scenario, do you really think ‘big pharma‘ will be around?

With the graphic above showing that members of both parties are receiving roughly the same amount of money from ‘big pharma‘, and showing the money given to politicians by ‘big pharma‘ has been accelerating steadily since the early 1990’s, there is little doubt that Dr. Brown is correct in his assessment. Especially when we factor in the fact that these same people are also making a killing off of the endless wars while doing very little for the men and women fighting them, US Veterans.

And with the cost of big pharma’s drugs now skyrocketting as reported within this January of 2019 CNBC story and heard in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story, many Americans are being ‘priced out‘ of the medications they need.

And while some of ‘big pharmas‘ medications absolutely save lives, and we’d never suggest that people not take the medications that have been prescribed to them by a doctor, other medications ‘big pharma‘ has created have actually been them mimicking nature.

As DTSS reported back in December of 2017, the actually origins of ‘big pharma‘ are linked to the suppression and destruction of natural medicines. And the pharmaceutical industry DOES NOT create cures, it creates customers! And from their story we see one ever present name that has been repeated over and over again through ‘NWO‘ history.:

The creation of Western medicine starts with John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) who was an oil baron and America’s first billionaire. In the 1800s, using ‘organic chemistry,’ or the chemistry of carbon, the petrochemical industries were created. In the 1800s, it came to light that various traditional herbal remedies contained active ingredients called ‘alkaloids.’

These alkaloids could often be produced synthetically by the petrochemical industries. Sometimes the active ingredient of a medicinal herb could be chemically modified and patented. This new business was called the ‘pharmaceutical industry.’ The resulting patent medicine could be sold at great profit, compared to the herb from which it was originally derived.

By the turn on the 20th century, Rockefeller controlled 90% of all oil production in the U.S. through a multitude of oil companies owned by him. There were only 1,000 cars in existence in 1900 that burned gasoline. Not much profit was to be found in cars. The petrochemical industry, however, was flourishing.

The pharmaceutical industries promised to be the most profitable part of the oil industry. Rockefeller invested heavily in the newly created pharmaceutical companies. He formed the Rockefeller Foundation in 1913 and focused on the pharmaceutical industries and medical education.

Back in May of 2018, the website ‘Wake Up World‘ published this story titled “Big Pharma vs. Natural Alternatives: The Agenda to Eradicate Competition” within which they detailed for us many attempts that have been made over the years by ‘big pharma‘ to wipe out their competition in the natural world, most notably the criminalization of the cannabis plant all the way back in the early 1900’s.

While cannabis was illegal nationwide for over 80 years before the last decade has brought about some relaxation of laws, especially in the medical marijuana field, just think about why ‘big pharma‘ may have wanted to ‘make illegal‘ a naturally growing plant that has the potential to do all of this.:

Helps regulate and defeat diabetes. Fights cancer. Helps with depression. Potential to fight autism. Regulates seizures in many. Helps to heal broken bones faster. Treats glaucoma. Relieves muscle spasms. Helps to slow the development of alzheimer’s disease. Helps to relieve arthritis. Helps to treat those with PTSD. Helps regulate our metabolism. Treats nausea effectively. Helps chemotherapy patients to eat and survive. Helps to treat headaches and migraines.

As the Free Thought Projected had reported back in 2017, a recent study revealed legal pot DESTROYS big pharma’s profits!

And now, ‘big pharma‘ is pushing Congress to make all natural Kratom illegal because it, too, is cutting hugely into their profits in the painkilling field. And while ‘big pharmas‘ poisons are killing Americans EVERY DAY, kratom has proven over many years to be safe and extremely effective at alleviating very real pain in Americans. Yet ‘big pharma‘ wants it criminalized because it cuts their profit margin. We’ve seen the way this will go should they be successful in 80+ years of horrific US cannabis policy.

The following books all take a look at natural health and some of our alternatives to ‘big pharma’s poisons‘.

Natural Remedies, Medicine and Cures: Herbs, self-healing and how to treat and cure all common ailments and major diseases

Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use

Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care

The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual

The Herbal Medicine Cookbook: Everyday Recipes to Boost Your Health


Please take note, the lists below are by no means even close to exhaustive with all of the different health ailments that people suffer from and all of the alternative and natural products to treat those ailments available so we absolutely welcome any suggestions you might have in the comment section below. Your suggestions could save lives.

As the website Healing Harvest Homestead reported back in July of 2017, there are a number of herbs and supplements that can purchased to ensure a healthy heart including:

Cayenne Pepper (so powerful it can stop a heart attack in its tracks!) – Motherwort – Rooibos Tea

As the website Herbal Equivalent reported in this story, there are a number of natural ways to allieve allergies.:

Black Seed Oil – Stinging Nettle – Spirulina

And as the website ADHD Boss reported back in 2017, there are actually many natural alternatives to Xanax including:

Rhodiola Rosea – Valerian Root – ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandha Herbal Healthy Stress Response Supplement

As the website Resperate reported back on March 3rd of 2019, there are many natural alternatives for those who are suffering from high blood pressure including.:

Cat’s Claw – Hibiscus Tea – Arguna – and my personal favorite, Dark Chocolate.

As the website Medical News Today reports, alternative and all-natural antibiotics include:

Garlic Oil – Oil of Oregano – Echinacea – Ginger

So with US Congress clearly owned by ‘big pharma‘ and many signs pointing at potential trouble ahead in America that could leave us as a shell of our former nation, with numerous alternatives to ‘big pharma’s poisons‘ readily available and many as close by as the nearest supermarket, we’d all be serving our families best by getting ready for whatever the future may bring. (Click to Source)

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