Fed-Up! “Burn-The-Mask” Protest in Boise, Idaho


Americans from all walks of life have finally “had it” with idiotic and lying government minions who’ve been demanding everyone wear masks, social distance, and shut down businesses for a disease that has a 99.4% survival rate. 

More and more Americans are done with social distancing nonsense.

All that became evident today in Boise, Idaho as a small but earnest group of citizens held a “BURN-THE-MASK” protest at the Idaho State Capital.

This is precisely what SHOULD be happening all over America and all over the world.

People have been intentionally LIED TO about this COVID-19.  The reaction by government and their “public health” Quacks has been monstrous.

There was never any need to use masks, never any need to social distance and never any need to shut down businesses or jobs.  The entire thing was mis-handled, and a lot of people think it was mis-handled deliberately to affect the November election!

Whatever the reality, Americans have grown tired of this situation and are re-asserting their freedom.  YOU should too.(Click to Source)

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